Uniting Nations Day

UWCSEA East Primary School

Uniting Nations Day celebrates the amazing and diverse learning in our Primary School Music programme.

The focus of the day is on our students' Music Learning journey. It is a day of community building, as students gather together for a common purpose, share their learning with an audience of peers and parents, and collaborate across K1–Grade 5.

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Music Learning at UWCSEA East

The Music Department at East supports the UWC Mission, empowering students to use music as a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.

Students engage in an explorative, hands-on curriculum as they develop the Skills and Qualities through practical, creative learning experiences. They are encouraged to listen to, understand, create, perform, internalise and reflect on their own and others’ music. 

In our Primary School Music programme, students learn about the many ways that people and cultures express themselves through music, from folk songs to traditional instruments to modern fusion.

From the beginning of the school year, students interact with music that they may not encounter otherwise. For some students, this takes the form of playing the West African djembe or the Balinese gamelan. Before playing these instruments, the students view formal and informal performances, using their observations and wonderings as catalysts for discussion and deeper understanding. 

Music and culture go hand in hand, but many of the concepts transcend cultural context. For example, students learn about chords and progressions by studying the Zimbabwean marimba, a relatively new style that blends influences from Africa and Europe. Using this context, they also inquire into musical concepts such as texture, call-and-response and improvisation.

Their learning through music goes beyond rhythm and melody, and into undertsanding why people make music, what people sing about, and how powerful it can be to share our music with one another.

A celebration of cultures

International Food Festival

Food unites cultures and as part of the wider Uniting Nations Day celebrations, the famous Food Festival transforms the Main Hall into a bazaar of colour, smells and tastes.

Parents come together to provide a wonderful culinary array of tastes from around the world, showcasing our incredible diversity at UWCSEA.

The food festival is a wonderful opportunity to experience other cultures.

The warm conversations amongst community groups and the excitement on our students' faces is always priceless.

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