The Green Heart

Dover Campus

Environmental Stewardship

At UWCSEA, environmental stewardship is more than just a part of the curriculum—it's woven into every aspect of student life. These environmental initiatives are integrated into both the Service and Academic programmes across campuses. Students explore green spaces, learn about sustainable practices, and engage in hands-on activities like organic gardening and rainforest conservation. Using tools like the UN Sustainable Development Goals and permaculture concepts, they learn to take informed, purposeful actions that impact their communities.

Through this holistic approach, the College is nurturing the next generation of environmental stewards, ready to advocate for a greener, more sustainable future. Our students aren't just learning about the environment—they're living it, creating lasting change that reaches far beyond the classroom.

Green Hearts

In 2014, a team of eco-visionaries led by former Director of Sustainability Nathan Hunt embarked on the Green Heart project. Their vision was to create dynamic, eco-friendly spaces that would reconnect students with nature and deepen their understanding of environmental issues.

By July 2019, we celebrated a significant milestone by breaking ground on the first green classroom at Dover Campus. This marked the culmination of five years of meticulous planning and dedication to integrating nature into student life.

The project aims to address the growing disconnect between students and their environment, enhancing their knowledge and understanding of urgent issues like climate change and biodiversity loss. These spaces go beyond aesthetics, fostering a meaningful reconnection with the nature in our urban, technology-focused world.

Immerse yourself in nature within this vibrant eco-space, which also serves as an outdoor classroom! Here students have the opportunity to engage with a natural playground, providing them with access to a functional space where they can learn, play, and connect with the environment in multiple ways.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Planter: Garden Beds

Our teachers and Service Team on campus utilise this space for Unit of Study lessons and after-school gardening. With more than 200 indigenous and endangered plant species, the garden beds are home to a diverse array of flora. Not only does this space enhance the campus landscape with its beauty, but it also offers hands-on learning opportunities for our students, who maintain it diligently.

From Seed to Sprout: Rainforest Nursery

UWCSEA’s Rainforest Restoration Project nurtures hundreds of critically endangered tree seedlings, contributing to conservation efforts and biodiversity enhancement in Singapore. Collaborating with NParks and participating in initiatives like the Million Trees Initiative, our students actively care for these endangered and indigenous tree species, cultivating them in the nursery before reintroducing them and replanting them within the Singapore community.

Nature that Inspires: Outdoor Classroom

The focal point of the Green Heart space is an outdoor classroom equipped with tables and seating for students to take lessons that draw inspiration from their surroundings while addressing environmental challenges. Engaging with nature not only enhances learning but also promotes wellbeing, strengthens community bonds, and nurtures a deeper connection to the green environment around us.

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The Green Heart serves as a focal point for eco-literacy at Dover Campus, empowering students to become global leaders in sustainability and biodiversity conservation, extending their UWCSEA Service learning beyond the classroom. As we look ahead, we are confident in the bright—and green—future that awaits us.

This article was published for Dunia June 2024.