Congratulations Class of 2019

UWCSEA East ceremony

"When I think of our legacy, I can’t think of a better way to set an example for future grades than the way we did: together. It highlighted how far we've come and showed our exemplary levels of cohesion. The journeys we take and the memories we forge are immeasurably better when we have others to share it with. I would urge you all to carry on the spirit of cohesion that we have cultivated." Adhwaith Neralla '19, Class Speaker

"Whether you are a novelist, a filmmaker, a baker, or a data scientist, it’s all about creative problem- solving. It is a common mission. In all this, what I’ve realised is that to believe, to care, to pursue with conviction together, is what strings together meaningful moments in one’s life. I’m really excited for your future today. I’m excited for my future because you are going to be the leaders in it." Ayesha Khanna, CEO, ADDO AI and Founder of 21C Girls, East Campus parent and Graduation Guest Speaker

"Out that door, your acquired knowledge and this universal set of values are very much needed. You have so much capacity to bridge these differences and bring good into this world." Sovichea Kon ‘18, Alumni speaker

East Campus highlights

UWCSEA Dover ceremony

"The world beyond UWC isn’t something to fear, because we must remember that it is our actions that shaped our atmosphere. We worked to create this reality, which means we have the ability to do it again, to extend this bubble beyond 1207 Dover Road. So as you go forward in your life, even if you are scared, even if you’re not sure, because none of us truly are, do not let the expectations you set for yourself hinder you from taking risks. I hope we remember that each of us have something to offer." Teddy Diallo '19 and Ritika Purbey '19, Class Speakers

"Societies can only be truly prosperous, stable and peaceful if they include everyone. As citizens, we have rights, but we also have obligations, and you know this because you have had the privilege of learning and living in a multicultural diversity that promotes understanding and tolerance. Please keep this alive. It is one of UWC’s most precious gifts, and each of you can make a difference." Pascale Moreau '79, Director of the Bureau for Europe of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and Graduation Guest Speaker

Dover Campus highlights

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