A school day in Tampines House

Living as part of a residential boarding community is different from living at home.

On the one hand, our students are with their friends almost all the time, and they have the chance to build unique relationships that stretch into adulthood. On the other hand, they have to accept norms, values and expectations that serve the needs of the whole boarding community, some of which are quite different from home.

To support the well-being of all, house routines provide a secure and supportive environment both at school and in the boarding house.

Kirti, Grade 11 boarder from the USA walks us through a typical school day


Wake up

This probably seems like a sleep-in to our day community … even those with early morning sports training can get up much later than our ‘day’ teammates.



Check-in at Santai Cafe is compulsory, and I go directly to lessons from there. If we’re not feeling well, we go to the medical clinic to see the visiting Doctor, and stay in the sick bay, as nurses are on duty all day.


School day

Tampines House is ‘out-of-bounds’ during the school day, unless you’re in Grade 11 and 12 and have a ‘free’ in the last timetable block (1.45–3pm).


After school activities and sport

If you don’t have an Activity after school, it’s a dash back to Tampines House for afternoon tea before it disappears!


Free time

We can arrange to go off-campus—Grades 8 and 9 can go up the road to the Hawker Centre, while the rest of us can venture a little farther afield to Tampines town centre. Sometimes I touch base with my houseparent, hang out with my friends and ‘boarding family’, study, make a snack or collect my laundry.

Some school facilities are also open, depending on the day of the week: swimming pool, fitness gym, sports halls, dance studio, football field, music practice rooms etc.



Evening meals are another way for us to share our cultures—through that most important of mediums, food. (Food is a major preoccupation for boarders!)


Study time

Homework, prep, call it what you will, every weekday except Tuesday, I study with Grade 10's in the Kishore Mahbubani Library, while Grades 8 and 9 are in the 6th floor Common Room in Tampines House. Grade 12 can work in their own (single) bedrooms. On Tuesdays, if I'm up to date with school work, I join an activity with my ‘boarding family’.



We gather in the 6th floor lobby to catch up with our houseparents and boarding family over tea and biscuits as we wind down for the day. The hour before bedtime is a chance to relax, get organised for the next day, finish some study ... or even call our parents.


Lights out!

Younger students go to bed earlier, however in Grade 11 our main lights go off at 10pm, and reading lights at 10.30pm. WiFi curfew starts at midnight …

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